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Our Mission Statement

To make English reachable

About course

BLUE IT SOLUTION is uniquely positioned to provide an outstanding education to our students. We offer a contributive learning method to promote quality education based on global standards. BLUE IT SOLUTION has achieved distinction through high-quality. Our proven expertise allows us to provide an educational experience for our students that will truly enable them to meet the demands.

Course list

Based on Age

English for kids | English for teenagers | English for adults

Based on Level

Beginner courses | Intermediate courses | Advanced courses

Based on session

Full-day courses | Morning courses | Afternoon courses | Evening courses

Based on time and duration

Full-time courses | Part-time courses | Short-term courses | Long-term courses |

Based on Examination Preparation

      • IELTS
      • TOEFL
      • Pearson Tests of English (PTE)
      • TOEIC
      • OPI & OPIC
      • Cambridge Exams and others

Based on Profession

Law | Media | Doctors | Hostess | Business | Entertainment and others

Based on Academics

School | Colleges | Exam

Based on requirements

Fluency | Job | Grammar | Personality Development | Meeting preparation | Profession based training and others

What you’ll learn

Your English language skill will move to higher level.

Highlight of courses

      • Interactive sessions
      • Globally accredited syllabus
      • Expert trainers