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Transcription services (TS) team is one-stop solution for all your transcription needs. Our team is built with professionals who can maintain quality, turnaround time and security. We answer the demands even in complex projects which makes us the most trusted in Transcription industry.

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Radio Transcription | Lecture Transcription | Oral dictations | Phonecalls/Voicemail Transcription | Podcast Transcription  | Online Transcription | Academic Research


Academic Transcription | Music/song Transcription | Press conference Transcription | Insurance Transcription | Property Transcription | Seminar Transcription | Interview Transcription


Patient history | Exam notes | Operative reports | Referral letters | Discharge summaries | Healthcare professionals dictation | Specialty Transcription


Video subtitling Transcription  | Advertisement Transcription | Film Transcription | Short film Transcription | Television Program Transcription | Conference calls | Webinar Transcription


Deposition Transcription | Court Briefs Transcription | Proceedings Transcription | Court Report Transcription | Testimonies | Arbitrations | Investigation


Client conference calls | Webcast Transcription | Live Transcription | Conference meetings | Business meetings

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