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Our Mission Statement

To deliver quality though training

About course

BLUE IT SOLUTION ethos is to provide professional training program and to make aspirants to turn into skilled manpower. With our expert faculty we continue to spread our prominence throughout the industry. We pay close attention to make our partipants as smart-fit. BLUE IT SOLUTION offer a fully inclusive training program which covers all your needs.

Course list


Audio Subtitling | Company Subtitling  | Pre-Recorded Subtitling  |  Real Time Subtitling  | Webcast Subtitling | Video Subtitling  | Film Subtitling | Movie Subtitling | Software Subtitling   | Live Subtitling | Multilingual Subtitling | Language Subtitling | Meetings Subtitling | Interview Subtitling

What you’ll learn

You will learn the complete approach used in subtitling industry and you will serve totally.

Job outlook

Manpower Recruitment, RPO and Staffing (MRS) team makes jobs accessible and we set your career.

Highlight of courses

      • On-job training
      • Tailor-made courses
      • Industrial training